Dr. Daniel Amen, Brain Warrior Presentation with Max and Dr. Jeff Stock – EHT

Video from the September 2015 Nerium International Get Real Convention in Dallas. Dr. Daniel Amen’s Brain Warrior presentation is followed up by Max and Dr. Jeff Stock from Signum Biosciences on EHT. Though a long video, it is very interesting.

For more information or to purchase EHT danschumacher.nerium.com

Pressed for time?
Dr. Daniel Amen starts at 7:15
NFL Study 52:20
Reversing Cognitive Decline 59:00
Sleep Apnea 1:16:40
Insomnia 1:17:40
Favorite Stories, Brain Warriors 1:28:40
Sheep or Sheepdog? 1:33:30
Jeff and Max Stock on EHT 1:42:00

For a better view of some of Dr. Amen’s slides, click this link:
Amen Presentation PDF

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