Nina Teicholz – Interview on the Joe Rogan Experience

Nina Teicholz spent nine years researching 10,000 scientific papers for her book “The Big Fat Surprise“.

I read “The Big Fat Surprise” when it came out in 2014. I don’t even recall how I became aware of it. As the son of a MD and a RN, I thought I knew a lot! I was comfortable in trusting the status quo. Talk about a paradigm shift! This book led me on a quest to understand why I was always hungry, and couldn’t lose weight. I have learned much more along the way

This book opened my eyes to the power and the damage government guidelines can wreak when the “Wizards of Smart” get it wrong. Our current obesity epidemic and the whole host metabolic disorders that our friends and family suffer with may be the result of dietary guidelines forced on us by a government using bad science (if any science)!

In the US we have fifty states. Our original Constitution never gave the Federal Government the authority to push out dietary guidelines. One can only imagine how different things may have been if we would have had 50 separate State guidelines instead of one. Would we have discovered our mistakes earlier in the 50 separate “laboratories”?

Recent interview of Nina Teicholz on the Joe Rogan Experience

Time codes for different subjects:
1:29 NYT Article: Sugar Industry Bribe
14:25 Cholesterol
15:12 Overeating
17:33 Glucose rollercoaster
18:44 What is a Fat Burner
26:10 The history of the Diet Heart Hypothesis
27:53 Centralized Government Policy
32:40 Why is there resistance to Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet
34:40 American Heart Association and Coconut Oil – the recent Presidential Advisory on Saturated Fats
36:01 Epidemiology explained, correlation vs causation
40:16 Government clinical trials on saturated fat and cholesterol – Minnesota Coronary Survey – Suppressed information
43:37 The documentary “What the Health” – Ideology
105:30 Value of meat – Food of warriors – Maasai warriors compared to vegetarian tribe – strength
108:23 Government caused the obesity epidemic – dangers of government policies and institutions – argument for limited government
113:15 Faith in Expert Advice
115:22 Salt
117:37 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGAs) control everything!

The Big Fat Surprise book by Nina Teicholz

Nutrition Coalition working for evidence based Dietary Guidelines

Rebuttal to the American Heart Association’s recent Presidential Advisory on Saturated Fats: Saturated Fats and CVD: AHA Convicts, We Say Acquit

The BMJ: The scientific report guiding the US dietary guidelines: is it scientific?

Rebuttal to the documentry “What the Health”: ‘What the Health’ Review: Health Claims Backed by No Solid Evidence

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